• Ben Walton

Charge4Chester - Poole to Bristol... on foot... in just 3 days!

A team of 12 attempting to all run 3 marathons, 3 days - now that's just crazy talk!

Every day Chester pushes himself to the limit to complete simple tasks. His life so far has been a challenge for him daily so now WE take on a challenge, WE push ourselves to the limit to raise vital funds for him.

We have 3 days to travel by foot the distance of 3 marathons, from Poole Hospital where Chester was born to Bristol Hospital (one of our potential options for having surgery), running as much as we can of it, our goal will be to get there as a team within the time limit and hopefully still smiling like the beautiful boy we are running for! 

This is going to be tough, none of us have ever done such a challenge so we hope you will show us your support through donations and motivation along the way!!

#CHARGE4CHESTER #Fundraising # Chester #Runningevent #Marathon #PooletoBristol #SDRSurgery

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